Three Skype Recorder For Recording Skype Calls On Windows / Mac / iPhone

It is no longer news that Skype does not support call recording. However, there are a handful of third-party vendors who have made the automatic call recording feature available for the growing population of Skype users. A Skype call recorder is a third-party add-on or plugin that allows you to keep a record of your conversations and video/audio chats on Skype. A valid example of this is TalkHelper Skype Call Recorder.

These Skype recorders(see the full list) are needed for various reasons. Whether you are a journalist who regularly holds interviews and chat with your guests online or you are a secretary or personal assistant who needs to keep a record of conferences or just a student who needs to follow-up on class lectures – you need an effective Skype recorder.

These Skype call recorders are available for various Operating Systems like Window, Mac or iPhone, etc. For people with Windows OS, TalkHelper serves as an efficient and effective example of Skype recorder for Windows.  Below, I will do an analysis of one selected add-on each for Windows, Mac and iPhone operating systems that I have researched.

Record Skype Calls On Windows – TalkHelper


TalkHelper is a third-party call recorder app for Skype. Designed with all kinds of Windows OS users in mind, TalkHelper Skype call recorder has the unique feature of working in sync with your Skype app to record your conversations from within. This means that you don’t get screen shots of your Skype conversations when you use TalkHelper. Rather, the add-on integrates itself with your Skype application to systematically collect the data you need in their original format. This ensures a better quality of your recordings whether it is audio, visual or text.

Aside from the integrated capturing feature that TalkHelper offers you the user, it is also designed to support all Windows Operating System devices, so you can be rest-assured that you are covered.

When talking about call recording software, it is important that we consider cross-board efficiency and functionality. A call recording app that needs always to be manually started during every Skype conversation is surely not efficient. With TalkHelper, you get an automatic recording of all your Skype audio and video calls, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to switch the recording button on every other time. Based on your discretion, you may now pause, stop or continue recording whenever you will.

More so, TalkHelper comes with multiple recording capacities for audio call recording, video call recording, voicemail recording and video message recording. The reason why these features are stressed he is because many of the Skype call recorders out there do not cover all these features. At best they provide two or three of the above. So, you are better off opting for TalkHelper Skype Call Recorder.


 Record Skype Calls On Mac – Ecamm


For Mac users, my research showed Ecamm as an excellent add-on for recording your Skype conversations on the iOS. Using Ecamm Skype call recorder for Mac, you are greeted with a movie-like output that converts your video communications to a video recording for you.

On Ecamm for Mac, you can start and stop the recording of your Skype conversations at will. This gives total autonomy of recording to the discretion of the user and empowers the user to be more flexible with their data keeping. However, if you choose to go the automated way, you can activate the automatic recording feature, and all your conversation will be recorded by default.

More so, Ecamm for Mac records conversations from both ends separately so that you can have an easy time editing if you want to. This way, you can better scoop conversations from one end and use them for whatever purpose in case you are a reporter recording an interview.

Another key feature of the Ecamm Skype recorder for Mac is that it comes with a converter that converts your video to MP3 formats. This is so that you can safely play them on various mediums and access or share your data across multiple platforms.

Record Skype Calls On iPhone / iPad – Sky Recorder


Sky Recorder is an add-on that helps iPhone and iPad users keep a record of their Skype conversations. It has a sleek and simplified user interface that allows for quick understanding and ease of use. So any iPhone or the iPad user can count on Sky Recorder for recording their Skype call and other conversation via that medium.

To further emphasize the simplicity of use, it is designed with a single-touch recording feature that allows users to record their conversations with one click. Just like the call recorders for Skype that have been cited above, Sky Recorder also records both sides of your conversation making sure that you have an all-rounded perspective to your data.

Depending on phone storage capacity, Sky recorder gives users an unlimited recording duration. This allows users to record long Skype conversations and chats without bothering about any limit set on recording length.

You can also import and export your saved data to other devices through regular sharing channels. For added advantage features, the Sky Recorder for iPad and iPhone comes with the ability to restart recording after it has been interrupted by another incoming cellular call (note: not VoIP call). This makes it very easy to continue recording your conversation after the interrupting call has been ended, so you don’t have to worry about losing track of your initial conversation.

In a nutshell, I have taken you through an overview of the three most favourable add-ons for Skype call recording on the three top OS available: Windows, Mac, and iPhone/iPad. Armed with this information, you no longer need to scurry around when next you need to record your Skype conversations. Just take the cue from the list above and enjoy the very many benefits that are available for the user who opts for efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to recording VoIP calls.  Since there is arguably more Windows user with the need to record their Skype calls, TalkHelper readily stands as a go-to add-on for people in that category.